Our firm Krishna Consultant has been established since 4th may 2002, key person of our firm and leading partner Rathin.P.Barot has been working with N.H.Barot Consulting Engineer, Architect and Valuer, before establishment of his own firm in the name and title of Krishna Consultant. N.H.Barot Consulting engineer, Architect and Valuer is the oldest consulting engineer and architect firm established since 1975. Also is the first firm to bring the concept of consulting engineer service in various municipality and institutes. Krishna Consultant, consulting engineer, architect and valuer has followed footstep of proprietor N.H.Barot of N.H.Barot Consulting Engineer, Architect and Valuer and also integrated themselves by introducing new techniques and strategy to cope up with needs of current client, we have all the services in house like preliminary project preparation (pre-feasibility report preparation) for municipality and institutes with detailed presentation to decide nature and cost of project, all kinds of survey work such as total station survey, gps survey, topographical survey etc. Also we have in house facility of preparing, publishing tender on n-procure web site of all types including e auction tender, structure design in various software including vetting of the same from different government department, execution of ongoing project in the best possible manner.


Also we are authorized valuer for immovable properties.


We have successfully executed increasingly challenging projects for a diverse group of clients, from consultation roles to structure designer roles. We have technically qualified and experienced team how is ready for all kinds of exigent task to prove the company/firm ability.


We have the best young partners shree deenanth soni, and harshit patel in the form of individuals ready to take convoluted task with ease by acquiring through knowledge.


The firm’s design philosophy revolves around its efforts to respond to client needs, solve their problems and in the process create designs that are elegant yet environment friendly. Each project is customized for the client through detail research. As our working relationships depend on trust and open communications. We work to the at most satisfaction of our client and are welling and have a desire to have the skill and knowledge to serve our clients in the best possible manner.

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