Our Vision is to be one of the Leading Consultant, by acquiring through Knowledge in field of Civil Engineering, Having all services in-house and also having Various Skill and Expertise to Execute any type of Project. Also to own and Make available various types of Instruments, Equipment and Software’s related to Civil Engineering field



Integrity, teamwork, safety, quality, continuous improvement, client satisfaction, value-added service and on-time completion of projects within the budget.


  • Together we represent our company with high moral standards, embodying our principles of truth, honor, trust and reliability.
  • Ethical. We recognize that we are the custodians of our environment.
  • Enhancing knowledge. Every day we become better at what we do.
  • Collaborative
  • Quality in Service.


Within Krishna Consultant these four core values are inseparable and profoundly interconnected. They will always remain at the center of what the firm does. Therefore the Principals of KRISHNA CONSULTANT proud to say they are, and will always be:


“Inspired by Humanity, Sustained by Creativity”



It’s our mission at KRISHNA CONSULTANT, ANAND to provide client focused service through our responsible practice of Architecture, Designing, Execution etc. Our tradition of dedication, professionalism and outstanding customer service is a testament to that mission as we strive each day for excellence in bringing our valued clients’ ideas to life.

What Our Client Says

For Any Consulting Engineer, Architect, Structure Engineer, Valuation and other related work of planning, building Permissions etc – Contact Us!

We have successfully executed increasingly challenging projects for a diverse group of clients, from consultation roles to structure designer roles. We have technically qualified and experienced team how is ready for all kinds of exigent task to prove the company/firm ability.

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